The Royal Society of Biology  encompasses a UK Register of Toxicologists,  sponsored by the British Toxicology Society. The attainment of registration is seen as a significant milestone in the career of a toxicologist and will become increasingly desirable for career progression.  For more details including Registration details please see the UK Register of Toxicologists website.


  • The establishment of a Register of Toxicologists sponsored by the Institute of Biology (now Royal Society of Biology) and the British Toxicology Society was agreed on 22 September 1993.
  • By identifying professional toxicologists, it is intended that the Register fosters competence in practice and makes available to the public authoritative sources of information on toxicological matters.
  • Applications are open to experienced scientists engaged in the field of toxicology. Registered Toxicologists are required to have an acceptable education leading to an appropriate qualification together with any additional training required to achieve the necessary competence to practice their profession.
  • Members of the Royal Society of Biology are governed by Bylaw 22, which relates to professional conduct. Non-members will be expected to observe the same standards and sign a declaration to that effect. Anyone found not to meet the requirements of Bylaw 22 may be removed from the Register.
  • Inclusion in the Register, exclusion or removal from it will be decided by the Registration Panel. In the event of proposed removal from the Register a minimum of one month’s notice will be given to provide an opportunity for personal representation, or through a representative, to the Registration Panel.
  • Appeals against the decisions of the Panel may be made to an Appeals Committee.

Members of the UK Register of Toxicologists gain automatic membership of the EUROTOX Register of Toxicologists.