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This scheme is designed to deliver and promote the Society’s vision and objectives for the science of toxicology at a local level. A BTS Ambassador will support the Society by acting as the local key point of contact in their organisation. This entails providing guidance and support to other toxicologists and ensuring that the views and interests of members are reflected within the Society. BTS Ambassadors are responsible for communicating and publicising information about BTS activities within their organisation and coordinating activities within their BTS regional group. The BTS, via the Communication Sub-Committee, will provide support for this role.The role of the bts Ambassador includes:

  • Promoting the benefits of membership of the bts to existing and to potential new members and recruiting new members to the bts
  • Communicating information about bts activities including prizes, awards and travel grant schemes to members and potential members within your organisation
  • Advocating the benefits of retaining bts membership
  • Facilitating local networking opportunities and career training events in toxicology; the bts can provide financial support for some of these activities
  • Taking part in BTS-organised periodic teleconferences and/or an annual BTS Ambassadors events
  • Raising the profile of and promoting the bts affiliated journal, Toxicology Research

View BTS Ambassadors (bts members only)