Dr Jason Gill

Jason is currently a Reader in Molecular Therapeutics at Newcastle University, within the School of Pharmacy and the Northern Institute for Cancer Research. He was awarded his PhD in 1998 from the University of Manchester, on a project co-funded by Zeneca Central Toxicology Laboratories, involving elucidation of mechanisms of drug-induced hepatocarcinogenesis. The majority of his research to date has been positioned within molecular pharmacology and toxicology, safety assessment, and preclinical drug evaluation of cancer therapeutics. He has a particular interest in the in vitro identification of potential cardiotoxicity of new therapeutic entities, identifying drug-induced pathological and physiological changes in cardiomyocyte activity in an in vitro setting. Prior to his current role Jason was Director of Research for the multidisciplinary School of Medicine, Pharmacy and Health at Durham University, and co-founder of the drug discovery company Incanthera. He created the MSc programme in ‘Drug Toxicology and Safety Pharmacology’ at the University of Bradford, is on the editorial board of the Journal of Pharmacological and Toxicological Methods, and is an active member of the NC3Rs-MHRA human tissue for safety pharmacology working group on the use of human tissues in drug development.