BTS Congress 2018 Ageing Symposium


BTS Congress 2018

The Regulatory Toxicology Speciality Section in collaboration with the Human Toxicology Speciality Section is running a symposium entitled “Ageing, Frailty and Multi-morbidity: medical challenges, current interventions, future solutions”. This is a hugely important and very topical issue.

In this symposium there will be consideration of investigations that have attempted to address the issue of frailty in animal models. Some studies have used skeletal muscle weakness or sarcopenia as a surrogate for frailty in aging animals. Others have used genetically altered mice, in which components of human frailty such as inflammation are enhanced. In this symposium there will also be consideration of a novel approach to quantify frailty with a ‘frailty index’ based on deficit accumulation in aging animals. The concept of the frailty index is well established in the clinical literature, but recent work suggests that this approach can also be used to measure frailty in aging animals. The ability to quantify frailty in animals is a major step forward in the effort to understand the biology of frailty and to develop new clinical interventions.

There are four speakers who are internationally recognised as experts in this field who will share their knowledge and expertise in this increasingly important area. All BTS members are invited to attend.

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