ASPET Lecture Award

The BTS has an exchange scheme with the American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET), which provides an opportunity for a BTS member to attend the ASPET Annual Meeting to deliver the BTS Guest Lecture as part of the Toxicology Division Symposium, form new collaborations and visit a number of universities and institutions in the US to present additional lecture(s) where appropriate.

The successful candidate will be an active contributor to the field of toxicology and/or pharmacology, and be keen to use the opportunity to build US contacts and networks to further develop their work.

2024 award application deadline: Monday 20th November 2023

Candidate Attributes

Supports a BTS Member to travel to the ASPET Annual Meeting to deliver the BTS Guest Lecture and build collaborations by visiting other US institutions.


Biennially on a competitive basis.

  • Deliver the BTS Guest Lecture as part of the Toxicology Division Symposium at the ASPET Meeting.
  • Return flight (best economy fare) from UK to the US (covered by BTS).
  • Up to USD $3250 towards travel, accommodation and subsistence whilst attending the ASPET Annual Meeting and visiting other institutions in the US (covered by ASPET).
  • Full BTS member for at least 2 years prior to the application deadline.
  • Application supported by 2 BTS members.
  • Awardee must present the BTS Guest Lecture at the ASPET Annual Meeting and should arrange to deliver additional lectures in other institution(s) during their visit to the US.
  • Once awarded, the successful applicant cannot apply again for 3 years.
  • Open to all members and is independent of age, career stage or place of employment.
Application requirements

The candidate should send the following information to the BTS Secretariat ( by the published deadline:

  • Brief Description (of no more than 500 words) of the candidate’s achievements in the field of toxicology.
  • Full CV.
  • List of peer-reviewed publications or significant pieces of work.
  • Summary (of no more than 100 words) of the candidate’s plans to visit other institutions during their time in the US. Note that, for this first instance of the award, applicants are not expected to have agreed these visits with the US hosts at the time of their application, but should outline their plans as part of their application. The awardee will be required to provide details of the agreed visits to BTS and ASPET by the end of 2023.
  • The names and contact details for two BTS members supporting the application.
  • Applications should be submitted to the BTS Secretariat ( in response to a call to the Membership normally in September of the year preceding the ASPET Annual Meeting with a deadline normally by the middle of November.
  • Applications will be reviewed by the Nominations Sub-Committee (NSC), which makes recommendations for approval by the Executive Committee.
  • The successful applicant will be notified by the President by the end of November preceding the ASPET Annual Meeting (which is generally held in May).
  • ASPET will send a formal letter of invitation to the awardee.
  • The awardee will receive instructions from ASPET for attending the Annual Meeting, and will be responsible for arranging travel and accommodation for visits to other institutions whilst in the US.
  • Expense claims are to be submitted to BTS for the return flights and to ASPET for ground costs incurred whilst in the US.
  • All expense claims to BTS must be in-line with the BTS Travel Policy.
  • All expense claims to ASPET must be in-line with the ASPET Travel Policy.
  • Upon return, the awardee will provide a reflective account of experience for the BTS website.

About ASPETlogo

The American Society of Pharmacology and Experimental Therapeutics (ASPET) is a 4,000 member scientific society whose members conduct basic and clinical pharmacological and toxicological research and work for academia, government, large pharmaceutical companies, small biotech companies and non-profit organisations. Founded in 1908, ASPET has several divisions, including the Division for Toxicology, which will host the BTS recipient of the ASPET Lecture Award.

2024    First award!