If you are a toxicologist or even just interested in toxicology and keen to be part of an active Society why not join the bts? There are many benefits to being a member such as reduced  registration rates at the Annual bts Congress, travel awards and bursaries, news updates,  discount on toxicology books and access to a wide network of other toxicologists.

Membership of the Society is open to anyone with an interest in toxicology and who supports the aims of the Society to promote and advance the science of toxicology.

Applications (except for students, see below) require nomination by two current members of the BTS Society.  If any applicant is unable to provide these, please provide two working references and email a current CV to [email protected].

Please read our Privacy Policy and Code of Conduct before applying for a membership.

Please ensure apostrophes are not used in email addresses when registering.

 Full Membership

Full membership with the British Toxicology society is £94.00 per annum for members who pay by Direct Debit or £114.00 for those who pay by an alternate method. Please click on the one of the links below to apply for Full membership with the bts.

Full Membership – Pay by Direct Debit £94.00

Full Membership – Single payment by Credit or Debit card £114.00

Student Membership

Student membership is open to bona fide students, supported by a letter of confirmation from the Head of Department. After a review at the Annual General Meeting in 2016 it has been agreed that student membership (undergraduate and master degree level) of the BTS will be free of charge and that PhD student membership will be £21 a year.

Student Membership – Free of charge

PhD Student Membership – Pay by Direct Debit £21

PhD Student Membership – Single payment by Credit or Debit card £21

Early Career Membership

After a review at the Annual General Meeting in 2016 it has been agreed that Early Career Membership will be available for five years following completion of full time education at a rate of £42 a year. Please click on the link below to apply for Early Career membership

Early Career Membership – Pay by Direct Debit £42.00

Early Career Membership – Single payment paid by Credit or Debit card £42.00


Retired membership is available for those who have retired from the Toxicology workforce but wish to remain involved within the society. Please click on the link below to apply for Retired membership

Retired – Pay by Direct Debit £37.50

Retired – Single payment paid by Credit or Debit card £37.50


Membership is governed by the bts articles of association and bts Executive Committee. All applications to join the British Toxicology Society must be approved by the bts Executive Committee, the Executive Committee reserve the right to refuse application without needing to give a reason.

The Membership year with the bts runs annually from 1st Jan to 31 Dec, all new members will be required to renew on the 1st Jan the following year with the below exception.
Applicants accepted during the last quarter (October – December) of the year, the annual fee will also cover the 12 months of the next calendar year, ie up to 15 months membership.

Any increases in membership fees are ratified each year at the AGM and the membership notified. Increases take effect in the next full year.