2019 Honorary Fellows & Fellows of the British Toxicology Society

The British Toxicology Society is delighted to announce that a further 6 distinguished Toxicologists have been appointed Honorary Fellows of the BTS. Please click the link below for more information:

President’s Message:

Update on the Society. As of January 2019, the BTS has 815 Members, who are based in 37 different Countries, 21% of whom are either undergraduate or postgraduate students. While the total membership has increased compared to a year ago, income is broadly equivalent because, in common with other scientific societies, undergraduate student members do not pay an annual subscription.  More information on the BTS membership will be provided at the AGM in April.

Recently, the BTS Executive Committee reaffirmed our mission, as a Learned Society, to promote and advance the science of Toxicology for public benefit: to support the professional development of members, and (you will be pleased to hear) to operate efficiently by limiting the maximum % of annual income which is spent on administration.

 New Honorary Fellows and Fellows of the BTS.  I am delighted to report that 6 distinguished Members of the Society have been nominated as Hon Fellows and 9 additional Members have been nominated as Fellows (FBTS). More on this at the AGM and we intend to publicly acknowledge the achievements of Honorary Fellows on the BTS website.

2019 Annual Congress. Led by Dr Jason Gill of Newcastle University, the BTS Scientific Subcommittee, in conjunction with the UK Environmental Mutagenicity Society, have organised a wonderful scientific program for a joint Annual Congress, April 15-17th in Cambridge, which recognises the 40th Anniversary of the BTS. Registration is open and I encourage you all to attend.

It has been observed that the predecessor organisation of the BTS, The British Toxicology Club, actually started in 1971 so it was, slightly mischievously, suggested that a 50th Anniversary of the Scientific Society will also be in 2021!

BTS Public Communication. Recognising that the Society has a role in providing authoritative information on toxicology matters which could be of public interest, and following a workshop at the last BTS Annual Congress: a BTS Public Communication Team, led by Dr Phil Botham of Syngenta, has produced 2 succinct articles, which will be published soon on the BTS Website:

“The Use of Animals in Toxicology and Safety science”

Distinguishing Hazard and Risk”.

These brief articles are to inform interested members of the public, journalists and Members of the BTS about topics on which the Society has professional expertise.  The Team have identified further topics for information articles including, in vitro methods in toxicology, toxicology of mixtures and air pollution.  Suggestions for further topics, or offers of assistance will be very welcome.

BTS Survey 2019. As the last survey of members was conducted in 2015, later this year, the BTS will conduct a web-based Survey of Members, to better understand the profile of the Society, the professional interests of Members and how this changes over time. The information will facilitate future planning.  The overall results of the survey will be made available, via the Members area of the website, within 3 months of the conclusion of the survey.

Your Ideas Please. As ever, The BTS is always happy to receive suggestions from members about activities which the BTS could, or should, be involved with, or of ideas that would be of practical benefit to members – please feel free to share these ideas by email: [email protected], or with a member of the BTS Executive Committee.

I hope to see as many of you as possible at the Annual Congress and AGM in Cambridge in April.

Dr Chris J Powell



- April 17, 2019, 2:50 pm

All the way from Australia, congratulations to Dr Benedetta Sallustio for being awarded the ASCEPT award. https://t.co/WUCKiA3hyX
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