BTS Ambassadors

If you are a toxicologist, or even just interested in toxicology, and keen to be part of an active society, why not join the BTS? There are many benefits to being a member, such as reduced registration rates at the BTS Annual Congress, travel awards and bursaries, news updates, discounts on toxicology books, and access to a wide network of other toxicologists.

The BTS has an Ambassador Scheme, which takes the form of a BTS member acting as a key point of contact within their organisation. This allows them to interact with current and potential BTS members, and to promote the BTS.

If your company or institution does not have an Ambassador, please contact to discuss your interest. Further information can be found here

Ambassador match-up: If you would like to get in touch with your nearest Ambassador to find out more about the BTS, or to run a local meeting, contact