Mentoring Scheme

One of the benefits of membership of the BTS is access to our mentorship scheme. The BTS mentorship scheme provides members with knowledge, expertise and professional advice from experienced toxicologists, and affords an excellent opportunity to expand your knowledge and develop new or existing skills to further enhance and develop your career.

Your mentor can work with you to:

  • Set career goals,
  • Consider opportunities for career growth and self-improvement,
  • Identify information relevant to your career path

The BTS mentorship scheme hosts toxicologists from various fields and disciplines within toxicology and will aim to provide you with the best match possible. Each relationship is unique and there is no set duration or format for the BTS mentorship programme.

If you are interested in joining the BTS mentorship scheme and finding a mentor, please fill out the below form. The mentors will review the information you provided and once we have identified a suitable mentor for you, they will contact you to arrange an introduction.

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If you are interested in becoming a mentor, please fill out the below form

Case Studies

‘When I was at university studying for my MSc Toxicology degree, I had signed up for the mentorship scheme. The reason signed up was to learn more about what toxicologists do in practice, how best to structure my CV and to gain some guidance in applying to jobs once I had finished my degree.

Once I had met my mentor, they provided me a lot of advice on the different fields of work where toxicology can be applied. I also gained a lot of support, guidance and constructive feedback on how to highlight my strengths and experience on my CV and cover letters for job applications. Through this, I was able to gain my first job related to my degree. As well as gaining guidance and support on starting my career as a Toxicologist, my mentor also advised me throughout my dissertation at a time where I had little contact with my project supervisor due to the pandemic.

I would highly recommend the mentorship scheme to anyone who is considering applying, regardless of what point you are in your career as I gained invaluable knowledge and support which ultimately gave me the direction I needed to start my career.

‘Prior to seeking mentorship, I was in the final year of my integrated MChem and had just started to consider a career within toxicology. I wanted to get a mentor because no one in the faculty team at my university had much knowledge of how to begin a career in that field. The BTS team made it really easy to connect me with the best mentor for my needs.

My mentor was really attentive and knowledgeable. He gave me the necessary insights and tips to make me more confident applying for roles. He also helped me fix my CV so it was more scientific in nature. With the things I learnt from his mentorship I managed to secure a data engineering graduate role. I would highly recommend anyone interested to make use of their BTS membership and seek out a mentor, it will definitely be worth it.’