Malcolm Blackwell Award

In memory of Malcolm Blackwell, this Award is nominated by the Society’s early career toxicologists to recognise an individual deemed inspirational, impactful and a role model. The BTS Network for Early-Stage Toxicologists (NEST) will review nominations for recommendation to the Executive committee.  The successful awardee will be invited to the BTS Annual Congress where they will receive their award and deliver the Malcolm Blackwell Award lecture.

Candidate Attributes

A BTS member who has been an inspirational and impactful role model to early career researchers in the field of toxicology



  • Invitation to deliver the Malcolm Blackwell Award Lecture at the Annual Congress
  • Commemorative certificate
  • Registration, accommodation, and travel for the Annual Congress in line with BTS Travel Policy
  • Nominator will be an early career member of the BTS (typically within 10 years following completion of their highest degree)
  • Nominee will have been a BTS member for at least 2 years prior to the nomination closure date
  • Open to all members meeting the above criteria, independent of age or place of employment
Application requirements

The nominator should send the following information to the BTS Secretariat:

  • Full CV of nominee
  • A brief summary of the reason for the nomination (no more than 250 words), including how the individual has inspired and been a role model for the nominator.
  • Confirmation that the nominator is early career.
  • Call to all early career BTS members to nominate suitable candidates in year preceding annual congress
  • Nominations should be submitted to the BTS Secretariat in response to a call in the year preceding the relevant Annual Congress
  • NEST Committee review nominees and propose winner to Executive Committee
  • Winner notified by NEST Chair by end of February preceding Annual Congress

Portrait of Malcolm BlackwellAbout Dr Malcolm Blackwell (1961-2021)

Chief Scientific Officer, Sequani

Dr Malcolm Blackwell was Chief Scientific Officer of Sequani and long-term supporter of the BTS. Malcolm began his toxicology career as an animal technician within Universities of Birmingham and Leicester before joining Safepharm as a study supervisor. Whilst at Safepharm he studied part-time to complete his undergraduate degree in  Biological Sciences at Trent Polytechnic now Nottingham Trent University) and then his PhD from the University of Derby in the area of respiratory sensitisers, consequently progressing from Head of Repeat-Dose and Inhalation Toxicology to Director of Mammalian Toxicology within Sequani. Malcolm was highly respected in the field of respiratory and regulatory toxicology. His experience led to Malcolm becoming Director of Science and subsequently Chief Scientific Officer at the CRO Sequani, roles which sandwiched a period at Covance (now LabCorp).

Malcolm was an exceptional toxicologist and scientist known to be generous with his knowledge and his time to every person who came to see him, supporting technicians starting out in their career as unfailingly as he supported senior toxicologists. This award is given in dedication of Malcolm to reflect his support for those working in the field of toxicology, through recognition of an individual who is an inspirational role-model to early-stage toxicologists of the BTS, a Society he supported throughout his career.

You can read more about his life and work in this BTS Memorial for Dr Malcolm Peter Blackwell.

2021 Dr Tim Allen, University of Cambridge

2022 Dr Gillian Conway, University of Swansea

2023 Prof. Matthew Wright, Newcastle University