Assessing Carcinogenicity: Hazard Identification, Classification, and Risk Assessment. A Toxicology Forum State-of-the-Science Worksho

Event Date: December 7th - 10th 2020


This virtual workshop is planned as two parts.

Registrants will have access to view recorded speaker presentations beginning one month in advance of the virtual workshop, allowing ample time for registrants to become familiar with the diverse subject matter.

During the scheduled dates of the virtual workshop, attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions and participate in the panel and group discussions pertaining to the day’s subject matter. To accommodate registrants from across the world, the live virtual workshop will last 3-hours per day.

How will the live virtual workshop function? Dialogue among presenters and attendees is a pillar of Toxicology Forum Meetings. During the live virtual workshop, attendees will be able to contribute to the live discussion(s), ask questions, share their views, and collaborate throughout the sessions.

Your voice and viewpoints drive the dialogue and we look forward to your continued contributions!