British Society of Toxicological Pathology – Continuing Education Symposium

Event Date: July 18th 08:07 - 20th 17:07 2017


CES 9: Cardiovascular system
Tuesday 18th – Thursday 20th July 2017

Registration for this symposium is now open!

This symposium will provide an in-depth coverage of cardiovascular system pathology. This is an intermediate level symposium covering INHAND nomenclature for the cardiovascular system; evaluation of the cardiovascular system and species variation; drug induced vasculitis; cardiovascular pathobiology and possible mechanisms; safety pharmacology, biomarkers, clinical pathology and haematological evaluation of the cardiovascular. There will also be workshops/case presentations on cardiovascular system problems which will form an important part of the symposium.

This symposium is the event for toxicological and discovery pathologists (and other scientists working with animal models), clinical pathologists and toxicologists as well as non-clinical regulatory scientists to learn about recent scientific advances. As well as providing CPD for experienced members of the profession, the symposium is open to students/residents and those at the start of their pathology career.

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