BSTP – CES 1: Toxicology and Pathology

Event Date: March 26th - 28th 2019


Approximately 17 hours of educational activity will be recorded on the Attendance Certificates

Royal Society of Biology CPD credits will be applied for.

Registration for this symposium is now open

The aim of the second round of Continuing Education Symposiums is to continue providing an interactive environment to enhance your knowledge in the field of toxicological, discovery, clinical, experimental or veterinary pathology.  The Continuing Education Symposiums are designed to refresh participants’ knowledge and understanding of core principles, as well as discuss any important recent advances.  The BSTP Continuing Education Symposiums will also focus on specific organ systems.

This Continuing Education Symposium will provide an intermediate level overview of Toxicology and Pathology, how it integrates with other disciplines and with various phases of drug development and how pathology data is interpreted and communicated (for instance with clinicians and regulatory authorities). Topics to be covered include (but are not limited to): advanced pathology techniques, integration of histopathology and clinical pathology data, animal models in drug discovery, case studies of adverse/non-adverse pathology findings, use of pathology data for risk assessment.

The format will include presentations, case histories and active participation of delegates. The Continuing Education Symposium will be of 3 days duration and the programme is arranged such that each individual day can be attended as stand-alone CPD event if desired.

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