Next Generation Sequencing Workshop

Event Date: May 12th - 12th 2022


The UKEMS in collaboration with Twinstrand Biosciences is hosting a Next Generation Sequencing Workshop on Thursday 12th May at 1 Wimpole Street, London.

The workshop aims to raise awareness and advance the science of error-corrected next generation sequencing (ecNGS) for research and regulatory applications in the UK.

Registration for the one-day workshop is £25.

The workshop sessions include:

  • ecNGS: Current and emerging technologies: Jesse Salk (Twinstrand Bio), Inigo Martincorena (Sanger Inst.), Bob Young (GTTC-NGS).
  • ecNGS: Concepts and mutational signatures: Jill Kucab (Kings College London), Clint Valentine (Twinstrand Bio).
  • Mutagenesis, Carcinogenesis and Regulatory Testing: Carole Yauk (University of Ottawa), Patricia Escobar (Merck) Kristine Witt (NIEHS/DNTP, retired).
  • Skills for ecNGS: Simon Reed (Cardiff University), Anne Ashford (AstraZeneca).

Please see the meeting WEBSITE for further information.

Please share this information with any students or colleagues who may be interested in attending this event.