RSC Toxicology Award Seminar

Event Date: November 10th 14:11 - 10th 18:11 2021


Professor Kelly received the 2019 RSC Toxicology Award for researching free radical/antioxidant toxicological mechanisms relevant to pulmonary toxicity, monitoring and modelling of chemicals in city air pollution and effects on human health, and leadership in the risks from compromised air quality. This seminar will feature Professor Kelly and a number of his colleagues.

Prof Frank Kelly – Air Pollution and Health: oxidant/antioxidant wars in the respiratory tract
Dr Ian Mudway – Air Pollution Metalomics
Dr Stephanie Wright – Characterising microplastic exposure and effects
Dr Leon Barron – Rapid risk assessment approaches for emerging chemical contaminants in the environment

This is a free to attend event supported by the RSC Toxicology group but we would like to ask for donations to Pancreatic Cancer UK in recognition of one of our long-standing committee members, Dr John Hoskins, who died earlier this year.