Propose a session for the BTS Annual Congress

BTS Annual Congress 17-19 April 2023

Park Regis Hotel (Birmingham, UK)

Call for session proposals

The BTS Scientific Subcommittee (SSC) welcomes submission of symposium and keynote lecture proposals for the Annual Congress 2023. If you would like to propose a topic for consideration for the 2023 Annual Congress, please complete the form below by the submission deadline of 7 September 2022. Proposal outcomes will be notified by the end of September 2022. The SSC will provide support for the organisation of any selected symposia.


Session formats

A symposium will normally consist of 3 speakers each being allocated a 30 minute slot consisting of a presentation of 20-25 minutes, followed by 5-10 minutes for questions. At the end of the symposium there will be a 15 minute session entitled “Symposium Reflection and Discussion”.

A keynote lecture is normally 45 minutes long, including 5-10 minutes for questions at the end.


Speaker diversity and expenses

The BTS will support speakers’ travel, accommodation and subsistence costs as described in the BTS Travel Policy. However, the BTS is a non-profit-making charity, we would be most grateful if you are able to claim your expenses from other sources, this will help to reduce the cost of our meetings so as to maximise their accessibility to the scientific community. The BTS is committed to the principles of Equality, Diversity and Inclusion and encourages the inclusion of speakers from a range of backgrounds. We also encourage the inclusion of speakers from academia, industry and regulatory agencies in symposia, where possible and appropriate. As a general rule, a symposium would not normally have more than one international speaker invited in person. However, if you do wish to have more than one international speaker, please provide the rationale in the ‘Additional details’ section of the form and this will be considered by the SSC, particularly as we can now offer speakers the opportunity to present using an online platform. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact the SSC via email at

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