EUROTOX Basic and Specialised Toxicology Courses

EUROTOX funds Basic and Specialised Toxicology courses in collaboration with Member Societies to promote toxicology training in European countries at minimal cost. Each course is limited to 35-40 students. Preference will be given to participants from countries where there is little or no formal education in toxicology. Good working knowledge of English is important as this is the language of all EUROTOX courses. Each course is residential and held over 5 consecutive days and consists of lectures, problem solving/discussion sessions in small groups and plenary meetings. The course programme is developed jointly by the host society and the EUROTOX Sub-committee on education. There is a written examination at the end of each course and those participants who pass the exam will be given a certificate of successful completion of the course. Other participants will be given a certificate of attendance.

Course Type: Commercial Courses

Learning Type: In Person

Course Duration: Full Time

Full Time Hours: 5 days

Qualifications Required:

Cost: Not Specified

Contact details of organiser: EUROTOX

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