Food Toxicology

The aim of this course is to provide insight in the type of items being an issue of safety concern in modern food safety evaluation. Application of this insight in understanding the relative importance of the various items in the field of food safety. This course deals with the (potential) toxicity of toxic substances present in traditional and novel foods and their safety assessment. Special emphasis will be given to novel scientific developments in the field of natural toxins, genetically modified food, food supplements, food sensitivity and allergy, drinking water, products derived from food processing, agricultural chemicals, microbiological food safety, persistent organic pollutants, engineered nanomaterials, food additives and veterinary drugs. The course consists of lectures by selected experts and a written exam to be made by the students about lessons learned during the course.

Course Type: Commercial Courses

Learning Type: In Person

Start Months: 26 August-30th August 2024

Course Duration: Full Time

Full Time Hours: 1 week

Qualifications Required: No formal qualification

Cost: €330 internal PhD student, €550 external PhD student, €1650 other

Contact details of organiser: Postgraduate Education in Toxicology (PET)

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