Safety Assessment of Cosmetics in the EU

This course is realized in close collaboration with the international cosmetic industry and teaching is done at a high standard academic level. Particular emphasis is given to key issues in safety evaluation of cosmetics, including the application of animal-free methods and so-called ‘ New Approach Methodologies’ (NAMs), and how to interpret the results in a weight of evidence approach. It is shown how and when animal testing data still can be generated and what the toxicological requirements are at the Commission level for securing the safety of the Annex substances of the Cosmetic Regulation. At the end of the theoretical course, practical training is included on how to make a PIF according to Annex I of the Cosmetic Regulation. The possibility is given to all participants to pass a written exam (open book exam) during the last day of the course, which, upon success, results in an official training course VUB-certificate (6 ECTS points).

Course Type: Commercial Courses

Learning Type: In Person

Course Duration: Full Time

Full Time Hours: 43 hours

Qualifications Required:

Cost: 4,950 €. Discounted Early bird and student registration fees offered.

Contact details of organiser: Vrije Universiteit Brussel

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