Let’s talk Inclusive Laboratories at the BTS Congress

We have included something a little bit different in this year’s Congress programme, a session on how to make Laboratories more accessible, delivered as part of the BTS’s strategic focus on Equity, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI).  Katherine Deane (Associate Professor and Access Ambassador at the University of East Anglia) has agreed to come and talk to us about her trail blazing work on making the laboratory environment a much more welcoming place.  Her talk will be on Monday 15th April at 5pm (there may still be time to register for the BTS congress: click here to register).

Katherine leads the University of East Anglia’s Lab Accessibility Project and will talk through practical tips on how to design in accessibility, often at low cost, and often for the benefit of everyone!  It’ll be a fascinating introduction to the excellent Access Guidelines that Katherine and the team have produced; we’re hoping to arrange a follow up with a webinar after the Congress to allow anyone who has been inspired by the session to ask further questions and perhaps even to bring along their lab/facilities managers for practical advice on implementation.

Finally, if it’s a subject you’re passionate about, and you can’t wait for the Congress, Katherine is contributing to a workshop that in Edinburgh on Wednesday 13th March which will give probe into the topic in much more depth.

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