Scientific Subcommittee

Some of the main objectives of the BTS are to organise scientific meetings and conferences, foster interactions and facilitate collaborative meetings with other societies, and support scientific discussions across its membership. The Scientific Subcommittee (SSC) is responsible for agreeing and organising the BTS scientific meetings programmes, inviting contributors and presenters to these meetings and discussions, and fostering collaborations with the wider toxicology community.


Chair: Dr Lesley Reeve

Vice-Chair: Dr Ian Copple


Ordinary Members:

  • Andreas Bender (Co-ordinator of Computational and in silico Toxicology Speciality Section)
  • James Coulson (Co-ordinator of Clinical and Human Toxicology Speciality Section)
  • Susy Brescia (Co-ordinator of Risk Assessment Speciality Section)
  • Miriam Jacobs (Co-ordinator of Regulatory Toxicology Speciality Section)
  • Sarah Judge (Congress Abstracts Co-Editor)
  • Carolin Schramm (Joint Co-ordinator of Mechanistic and Discovery Toxicology Speciality Section)
  • Francisco Inesta-Vaquera (Joint Co-ordinator of Mechanistic and Discovery Toxicology Speciality Section)
  • Linda Reilly (NEST: Network for Early Stage Toxicologists)


Co-opted members

  • Camilla Alexander-White (Representative of Royal Society of Chemistry, RSC)
  • Martin Clift (Representative of in vitro toxicology society, IVTS)
  • Marion Macfarlane (Representative of Integrated Toxicology Training Partnership Scheme, ITTP)
  • Catherine Ross (Representative of British Society of Toxicological Pathology, BSTP)
  • Fiona Sewell (Representative of the NC3Rs)