Communications Subcommittee

The role of the Communications Subcommittee (CSC) is to advise the Executive Committee on communication matters and provide coordination for BTS information, ensuring the messaging of internal and external activities is managed effectively. The CSC provides a point of contact for all communication issues to help ensure consistency of content and design across the BTS. It publicises BTS scientific meetings and the advantages of membership. The CSC also oversees the content and operation of the BTS website and Ambassador scheme, as well as supporting new media activities to promote the BTS.

Chair: Dr David Woolley

Secretary: Su Moore

Ordinary Members: Dr Kemal Haque, Dr David Woolley, Evita Vandenbossche, Laura Penn, Julianna Berrie, Dr Malgorzata Kurzawa-Zegota, Dr Kirsti Hornigold

Co-opted Members: Dr Phil Botham (Executive Committee)