Education Subcommittee

The role of the Education, Training and Career Development Subcommittee (ETCD) is to provide opportunities for training and education, and to encourage professional development in the discipline of toxicology. In particular, ETCD ensure that a Continuing Education session is held at the BTS scientific meetings and provide relevant information on careers in toxicology.

Chair: Helen Nakeeb

Acting Chair: Claire Pottle

Secretary: Claire Pottle

Ordinary Members: Suzanne Bowers, Nathan Goldsmith, Claire Potter, Sean O’Halloran, Zoe O’Connell, Louise Coleman

Co-opted from the Scientific Subcommittee: Neill Liptrott

Co-opted ETCD member to the Communications Subcommittee: Kirsti Hornigold

Co-opted from NEST: Georgia Reynolds

Executive Committee represented by Helen Nakeeb or Claire Pottle