President’s Impact Award

Candidate attributes

  • BTS members that have made specific contributions with significant impact on, and/or benefit to, the society over recent years.
  • Such contributions can be within, but are not limited to, the following categories: mentoring; outreach; the BTS ambassador’s scheme; equality, diversity and inclusion; the committees and speciality sections.
  • Up to 3 candidates will be named and shortlisted during the year preceding the Annual Congress, with a single overall winner announced during the Annual Congress.


Annually at the BTS Annual Congress.


Many members make a wide range of contributions to the BTS every year. These often occur in the background and include, but are not limited to, mentoring other members and scientists; promoting the work of the society at careers fairs and other outreach events; acting as an ambassador to deliver and promote the society’s vision and objectives at a local level; driving and embedding the principles of equality, diversity and inclusion; serving on the societies committees; and leading speciality sections. The BTS appreciates that such roles and their associated efforts are voluntary, and so wished to recognise those members whose contributions have had significant impact on, and/or benefit to, the society. To recognise the many and wide-ranging contributions each year, up to 3 candidates will be celebrated during the year preceding the Annual Congress via the President’s newsletter and society’s website. These candidates will form a shortlist from which a single overall winner will be selected. The winner will be invited to attend the Annual Congress, where they will receive their award from the President.


  • Each shortlisted candidate will receive a commemorative certificate.
  • The overall winner will be invited to the Annual Congress, where they will be presented with a commemorative plaque. Registration for the overall winner to attend the Annual Congress will be waived, and their associated travel and accommodation costs will be reimbursed in accordance with the BTS Travel Policy.

Nomination process

Nominations and self-nominations from the membership will be considered each June, October and January by a committee comprising of the President (Chair and casting vote), immediate Past President and Chair of the NSC, Chair of NEST, Lead Ambassador and the EDI Coordinator or their nominee. Recommendations will go to the Executive Committee for final approval.

Application requirements

Letter from the nominator/nominee, including a 200-300 word supporting statement that describes the specific contribution and its impact(s) and/or benefit(s).


Applications should be submitted to the BTS Secretariat ( by 1st May, 1st September or 1st December preceding an Executive Committee meeting. The candidates will be notified by the President by the 30th June, 31st October or 31st January, with the overall winner notified by the 28th February preceding the Annual Congress.