Executive Committee

BTS Membership Facilitator Position on the Executive Committee – FURTHER INFORMATION

The role of the Executive Committee is to manage the business of the Society and to promote the Society. The Committee ensures that proper records are kept of appointments of officers, of the proceedings of all meetings of the Society and of the Executive Committee and that accurate accounting records are kept. The Committee is composed of a group of dedicated professionals who work in academia, industry or government toxicology. Nominations for appointment to the Executive Committee are sought from the Nominations Subcommittee and BTS members are encouraged to express interest in serving on the Executive Committee.

President: Professor Shirley Price
Vice President: Professor Brian Lake
General Secretary: Dr Diane Benford
Treasurer: Dr Elizabeth Martin
Chair of the Scientific Subcommittee: Dr Jason Gill
Vice-Chair of the Scientific Subcommittee: Dr Lesley Reeve
Chair of the Education, Training & Career Development Committee: Dr Tina Mehta
Immediate Past President: Dr Chris Powell

Ordinary Members:
Dr Fiona Sewell, Dr John ThompsonDr Emma MarczyloDr David Mason, Dr Phil Botham

Co-opted Members:
Professor Paul Baldrick (Chair of the Communications Subcommittee)
Professor Heather Wallace (Editor in Chief of Toxicology Research)


The EC is responsible for the strategic direction of the Society and ratifies all decisions advised by the subcommittees.