Fellowship (FBTS)

Individuals elected will be members of the BTS and will have made substantial contributions to the discipline of toxicology and will also normally have made a significant contribution to the work of the Society.

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Candidate Attributes

Individuals nominated will have made substantial contributions to the discipline of toxicology, and will also normally have made a significant contribution to the work of the BTS.


Annually Following the Fellowship Committee* meeting

  • Fellows are entitled to use the term FBTS after their name.
  • They will receive a certificate and will have their names published on the BTS Website (with permission).

Candidates must demonstrate distinction and peer recognition in

  • Substantial contribution to the Society, demonstrated by committee work, contribution to outreach work for the Society and/or attendance at, and contribution to, Society meetings
  • Contribution to toxicology (demonstrated by career progression and publication record in suitable journals) or, for those in industry or outside mainstream research, by references from Fellows or Full Members
  • Nominees will usually have been members of the BTS for at least seven years.
Application requirements
  • Application form submitted by the Fellowship Candidate before 1st September
  • Two page CV
  • Nomination should be supported two existing full members
    (“Proposers”). At least one of whom shall be a Fellow of the Society.



The Fellowship Committee* is convened annually to review the list of fellowships and make recommendations to the BTS Executive Committee for approval.  Successful candidates are notified in the autumn.

*The Fellowship Committee comprises the President, Immediate Past-President (Chair of the Nominations Subcommittee), Vice-President, General Secretary and Chair of the Scientific Subcommittee.  Note from April 2024 the Fellowship Committee will be disbanded and candidates for fellowship will be reviewed by Nominations Sub Committee.

Note: Fellows will pay the same rate as ordinary members (i.e. full member or retired member).  Fellows who no longer pay a BTS subscription are entitled to use the term FBTS (retired).  In this instance the term “retired” is defined as either retired from active professional life or retired from the BTS whilst possibly remaining active in another scientific discipline.

  • Dr Juliana Beirrie
  • Dr Paul Brooker
  • Professor Rob Chilcott
  • Dr Carol Courage
  • Prof Tim Gant
  • Dr Jason Gill
  • Dr Sue Hubbard
  • Dr John Jenner
  • Dr David Jones
  • Dr Emma Marczylo
  • Dr David Mason
  • Prof Marion McFarlane
  • Dr Tina Mehta
  • Dr Pete Newham
  • Dr Fiona Sewell
  • Dr Lesley Stanley
  • Dr David Woolley
  • Dr Carl Westmoreland

FBTS (Deceased)

  • Dr Cliff Elcombe
  • Professor Kevin Park

A full list of Honorary Fellows and Fellows of the BTS can be found in Member Resources (BTS Log in Required).

Any Fellow wishing for their name to appear in this public list of Fellows of the BTS should contact the General Secretary to give permission