Honorary Fellowships (HonFBTS)

The British Toxicology Society (BTS) honours eminent toxicologists with the award of Honorary Fellow of the BTS (Hon FBTS). The award of Honorary Fellow of the BTS is recognition of an outstanding contribution to the science and profession of toxicology, including to the BTS. Normally the recipient will be a member of the BTS, but this is not a prerequisite.

Candidate Attributes

Individuals nominated will have made outstanding contributions to the discipline of toxicology, and will also normally have made a significant contribution to the work of the BTS.


Annually Following the Fellowship Committee* meeting

  • Honorary Fellows are entitled to use the term Hon FBTS after their name.
  • They will receive a certificate and will have their names published on the BTS Website (with permission).
  • They do not pay a subscription to the BTS and are entitled to free registration for the BTS Annual Congress.

In making recommendations for the award of Honorary Fellow, the Fellowship Committee will take into account the following aspects:

  • Outstanding scientific contributions, defined as having driven a ‘step-change’ in scientific thinking or approach;
  • Contributions to education and training, and promotion of the science of toxicology;
  • Contributions to leadership, management, science and promotion of the BTS;
  • The level of ‘prestige’ and value to the Society of making the award.
Application requirements

The Fellowship Committee is convened annually to review the list of fellowships and make recommendations to the BTS Executive Committee for approval.  Successful candidates are notified in the autumn.

*The Fellowship Committee comprises the President, Immediate Past-President (Chair of the Nominations Subcommittee), Vice-President, General Secretary and Chair of the Scientific Subcommittee.  Note from April 2024 the Fellowship committee will be disbanded and candidates for fellowship will be reviewed by Nominations Sub Committee.

  • Prof Alan R Boobis OBE
  • Dr Diane Benford
  • Professor Ian Kimber
  • Prof Ruth Roberts
  • Prof Lewis L Smith
  • Prof Faith M Williams
  • Prof Anne E Willis OBE

Honorary Fellowships (HonFBTS ) for 2024

  • Dr Ernie Harpur
  • Professor Shirley Price

Hon FBTS (Deceased)

  • Professor Gay Hawksworth
  • Professor Martin Johnson
  • Professor Ian Purchase
  • Mr Frank Sullivan
  • Dr Mary Tucker
  • Professor Ron Walker

A full list of Honorary Fellows and Fellows of the BTS can be found in Member Resources (BTS Log in Required).

Any Fellow wishing for their name to appear in this public list of Fellows of the BTS should contact the General Secretary to give permission