An Evening with Sir Alec Jeffreys (the inventor of DNA fingerprinting)

Event Date: May 16th 19:05 - 16th 21:05 2016

Non-Member Cost: £25.00


A unique opportunity to hear Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys FRS Hon FRSB in an on-stage conversation with Professor Alison Woollard FRSB. Hear Sir Alec’s first-hand account of how he developed DNA fingerprinting after a ‘Eureka moment’ in his Leicestershire lab back in 1984.

This very special fundraising event at the Science Museum’s IMAX theatre, will give guests the inside story on Sir Alec’s famous discovery, and how it led to revolutionary advancements in forensic science worldwide, including well-known stories of crimes being solved around the world, and where it has led Sir Alec in his research today.

This event is being organised by The Royal Society of Biology (RSB).  BTS is a member organisation of RSB so BTS members are entitled to a 20% discount for this event.

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