Commercialisation of Nanomaterials: process, issues, and management

Event Date: June 7th 10:06 - 7th 16:06 2017


Commercialisation of nanomaterials: process, issues, and management

7 June 2017, London, United Kingdom

A joint one-day meeting between RSC Toxicology group and the UK NanoSafety Group.  This meeting is looking to provide information and examples of best practice in the successful and safe commercialisation of nanomaterial based products. Those who should attend include: safety professionals, compliance managers, plant managers, general managers and those working with nanomaterials in industry or have an interest in the safe production of nanomaterial based products and services. It is also looking to attract academics who may be seeking to “go commercial” with a nano based product.

Further details including an outline of the meeting and details of speakers can be viewed here: