Dr Fiona Sewell

Dr Fiona Sewell is a Programme Manager in Toxicology and Regulatory Sciences at the NC3Rs, where she specialises in animal use in the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.  She convenes expert working groups which take an evidence-based approach to explore and support new opportunities to minimise and refine the use of a variety of species including non-human primates, dogs and rodents.  Her publications include recommendations on the incorporation of recovery animals to support first-in-human clinical trials, an evidence-based approach to define body weight loss limits to refine short-term toxicity studies and evidence to support the use of ‘evident toxicity’ as a refined endpoint in acute inhalation studies.  Fiona joined the NC3Rs in 2012 following a Postdoctoral Research Associate position at Imperial College London.  She has a PhD in translational research from the Cancer Research Clinical Centre at the University of Leeds, and an MSc in Applied Toxicology from the University of Surrey.