Professor Shirley Price

I am a graduate of the University of London completing my first degree in Biochemistry before going onto the University of Surrey to study for an MSc in Toxicology, having been awarded an MRC Scholarship. I completed my PhD in Epigenetic Carcinogenesis sponsored by Laboratoire Fournier, and have remained research active.

Having completed five years as an Associate Dean at the University of Surrey I am currently Academic Director working with the University Executive Board and Council. My academic career has provided me with opportunities to educate and train many toxicologists and I am proud to see many of them in senior positions globally and as members of the British Toxicology Society (BTS). I remain active in education and training through a number of EU initiatives working across all sectors of industry. I am also passionate about promoting toxicology through an outreach programme to local schools and colleges.

I am a Fellow of the BTS, the Royal Society of Biology and the Royal Society of Chemistry providing me opportunities to work on common initiatives for the benefit of the BTS. I am a European Registered Toxicologist and served as the Chair of the UK Register. I have worked on a number of government committees including the World Health Organisation’s Reproductive Unit, Veterinary Residues Committee and the Paediatrics Expert Advisory Committee and am currently a member of the Committee on Human Medicines.

I am highly motivated with a commitment to, and a proven track record in, serving the BTS and its members for over 25 years as the General Secretary, supporting three Presidents during my tenure, the Scientific Meeting Secretary, Chair of both the Education and Communication Subcommittees and member of the Finance Subcommittee. Additionally I have served on several BTS working groups undertaking projects for the benefit of the Society and its members.

I bring to the Vice President’s role a depth of experience which will allow me to develop, implement, embed and review initiatives for the benefit of the BTS membership. My experience, working across all sectors of the BTS, has allowed me to understand the needs of our members and how I can work with our membership to meet its requirements. This will include lobbying the government so that the voice of the BTS is heard keeping the Society firmly at the forefront of toxicology both in the UK and globally.

As the Vice President I will ensure that the BTS’s mission is met, namely “ to provide the forum for toxicology in the UK, to support and enrich the careers of toxicologists, and to promote the importance and advancement of toxicology in both the wider scientific and lay communities”. To do this I bring to the role my strategic, inspirational and leadership skills in overseeing the continual development of the BTS, building on its current strengths, for the benefit of its members.