Tina Mehta

Tina Mehta’s career began in 1996 with the Safety Evaluation Department of Sanofi-Aventis Pharmaceuticals as a Study Director/Toxicology Team Representative. During this time she also obtained her International Diplomate in Toxicology, and is a EUROTOX Registered Toxicologist. Tina joined the Department of Human Health Assessment at Dow AgroSciences in 2001 as a Regulatory Toxicologist and became the EMEA/APAC Toxicology and Risk Assessment Leader in July 2014.

Tina is Secretary for the BTS ETCD Subcommittee, since 2012, significantly contributing to the development of activities of the group and seeking further opportunities for the Society and its membership (e.g. developing CEP programmes, Regional hubs, Mentorship).

Coaching and mentoring is integral to Tina’s role as global toxicologist and risk assessor, covering a diverse portfolio during last 14 years. She has been involved in strategic development of new technologies focussing on science and collaborative research initiatives. Tina is involved with various industry groups, developing best scientific approaches (e.g. European Crop Protection Association Toxicology Expert Group, Crop Life International Foresight Team), and is an active member of 3Rs initiatives (e.g. with NC3Rs, CAAT and OECD). Tina recently established a cross-industry team to develop the 1st aligned AgChem Industry vision for global implementation of exposure-driven assessment.

(BTS Member since 1992; Ph.D. in 1996 from Imperial College, London on Neurotoxicity of Fungal Mycotoxins; M.Sc. Toxicology (University of Surrey, 1992); B.Sc. in Biochemistry (University of London, 1991)).