Student Vacation Scholarships

Vacation Scholarships are designed to encourage students or new graduates to experience working in the field of toxicology. The student or new graduate will gain valuable hands-on research experience and their supervisor will gain an extra pair of hands in the laboratory. Interested students or new graduates must pair up with a potential supervisor to develop a project before applying for funding



Award attributes

A successful applicant will be a student or graduate of toxicology or a related discipline, keen to gain practical experience (laboratory or other research skills such as big data analysis) within a toxicology related field, and demonstrate suitability for the proposed project.

A successful project will have substantial toxicological content and be achievable within 6-8 weeks


Annually on a competitive basis (maximum of 2 scholarships per annum)

Support provided

Supports the living costs of a student to gain research experience in toxicology.  Up to £1500 towards student living costs for up to 8 weeks (accommodation, meals and travel in-line with BTS travel policy)

  • Student or new graduate (< 3 months following completion of degree) of toxicology or related discipline
  • Supervisor must be a BTS member for at least 1 year prior to application date
  • Supervisor must work in a university or other research institute
  • Project must have a substantial toxicological component
  • A individual student or new graduate can only receive one scholarship.
  • No limit to number of scholarships for individual supervisors or research institutions
  • Open to all students or new graduates (independent of age or place of study or employment)
  • Open to all supervisors within research institutes (independent of age or career stage)
Application requirements
  • Completed application by supervisor on behalf of student by end of March preceding summer vacation
  • Description of project, including background, aims, methods and training provided (250 words)
  • Personal statement from student stating reasons for wanting to undertake project countersigned by supervisor (250 words)
  • CVs of supervisor and student (1 page each)
  • Details of application(s) for additional funding sources
  • Reflective account of experience for the BTS website upon return
  • Application submitted to the BTS Secretariat
  • Nominations Subcommittee makes recommendation(s) for final selection and ratification by the Executive Committee
  • Successful applicants notified by Scientific Subcommittee Chair by end of May preceding summer vacation

2016 Olivia Matthews and Nicholas Heng

2017 Will Hotham and Ida Fischer

2018 Emma Walker

2019 Carolina StamboulidJustina Grigalyte and Tim Kuhnlenz

2024 Phoebe Wallace Davis