Drug discovery and development

If you are interested in how drugs metabolise, small molecule discovery and biologics this programme will provide an advanced level of study and challenge to ensure you have sound skills to innovate within the drug development industry. This industry area is rapidly expanding due to new discoveries across biotechnology, biologics, Internet of Things, customised drug treatments and diagnostics at source. This has lead to many new companies being formed, customised and small batch medicines apart from large batch pharmaceutical research and production.

University of Aberdeen is world renowned in this area with the invention of Insulin to treat diabetes which won a Nobel Prize and strengths in medical research areas which also include food and nutrition and disease treatment. You learn about bio-business, how drugs are developed and managed. The university has strong links with GSK, Pfizer, and AstraZeneca plus Novabiotics and many others along with new start ups in drug discovery, biotechnology, pharmacology areas as a result of studying advanced programmes in these industry areas.

In our MSc in Drug Discovery and Development we train students in major areas of biochemical and molecular pharmacology and therapeutics relevant to the drug discovery and development business. This includes training in molecular pharmacology, drug metabolism and toxicology, therapeutics, pharmacokinetics, pharmacovigilance, regulatory affairs and clinical pharmacology. You gain advanced skills and techniques, research and analysis methods you need to understand about drug composition and essential skills you can apply along the supply chain of discovery, testing and treatment to ensure quality. The world of drug discovery and biotechnology is a renaissance period currently due to the ability to upscale, customise and the possibility of easier start up due to new methods of process innovation. Industry 4.0 and smart technologies have opened up a world of possibilities both in understanding these areas in relation to therapies and their many and varied applications.

Courses listed for the programme
Semester 1

Introduction to Bio-Business and Commercialisation of Bioscience Research
Drug Metabolism and Toxicology
Generic Skills
Basic Skills – Introduction
Small Molecule Drug Discovery
Semester 2

Advanced Bio- Business and the Commercialisation of Bioscience Research 2
Basic Research Methods
Biologic Drug Discovery
Semester 3

Research Project

Course Type: Academic courses

Learning Type: In Person

Start Months: Spetember

Course Duration: Full Time, Part Time

Full Time Hours: 12 months

Part Time Hours: 24 months

Qualifications Required: MSc

Cost: £12,154

Contact details of organiser: University of Aberdeen

Entry Requirements:

Applicants will usually require a second class Honours degree (2:2) or equivalent in a biomedical science subject such as biochemistry, biomedical science, pharmacology or a degree in medicine or pharmacy.

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