Epidemiology for Toxicologist

The aim of this course is to learn the basic terms and principles of epidemiology and to understand how epidemiology and toxicology interact. The course consists of interactive lectures in which the basic principles of epidemiology will be taught. Specific topics within the field of epidemiology are discussed, e.g. study designs, bias and confounding, interpretation of study outcomes, and risk assessment. In addition to the lectures, there will be tutorial sessions in which epidemiological papers are evaluated and in which participants can work on their individual research proposal for an epidemiological study within the field of toxicology.

Course Type: Commercial Courses

Learning Type: In Person

Start Months: 13 May 2024- 17 May 2024

Course Duration: Full Time

Full Time Hours: 1 week

Qualifications Required: No formal qualification

Cost: €330 internal PhD student, €550 external PhD student, €1650 other

Contact details of organiser: Postgraduate Education in Toxicology (PET)

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