REACH, CLP & Safe Use Communication

One of the main aims of CLP, SDSs and REACH, is to ensure that chemicals can be used safely – from manufacturing to being placed on the market. This is why these regulations require elements of hazard or risk assessment and often both. Communication of risk through the supply chain is also an essential part of the regulatory framework. This informative eight-part eLearning course will cover:
– the basics and history of risk management measures, from determining the
hazard classification, to inputting the necessary information into the safety data sheet, to poison centre obligations;
– principles of EU hazard communication based on the Classification, Labelling, Packaging (CLP 1272/2008) and Safety Data Sheet (SDS 2015/830) regulations;
CLP, SDS and eSDS authoring, and how they link to other EU regulations and
global systems;
– hazard classification determination for both substances and mixtures;
– regulatory obligations for SDS authoring and poison centre notifications; and
obligations that users of chemicals will have once they have created compliant documents and how best to convey the message up and downstream.

Course Type: Commercial Courses

Learning Type: Online

Course Duration: Full Time

Full Time Hours: 5 hours

Qualifications Required: No formal qualification

Cost: £440

Contact details of organiser: Chemical Watch

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