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Research Associate/Senior Research Associate

Company: Evalueserve
Department: Intellectual Property, Research and Development (IPRD)
Location: UK / Germany / Netherlands / Sweden / Luxembourg / Switzerland
Contract: Permanent, working from home
Salary: Competitive compensation package

About Evalueserve:
Evalueserve is a global professional services provider offering research, analytics, and data management services. We’re powered by mind+machine – a unique combination of human expertise and best-in-class technologies that use smart algorithms to simplify key tasks.
We work with clients across a wide range of industries and business functions, helping them to make better decisions faster; reach new levels of efficiency and effectiveness; and see a tangible impact on their top and bottom line.

Job description:
• To provide evidence of efficacy and safety (preclinical and clinical) as per regulatory requirements.
• Scientific literature search -To extract, analyze and collate toxicology data from various clinical/toxicology/efficacy related databases like TOXNET, HSDB, PubMed, Medline, ScienceDirect etc.
• To evaluate quality of different toxicity studies (such as systemic toxicity, genotoxicity, skin/eye irritation, sensitization, carcinogenicity, reprotoxicity and developmental, toxicokinetics studies) as per OECD/ ICH /FDA guidelines.
• To identify, evaluate and summarize critical toxicology data for drafting hazard or safety assessment on a chemical (pharmaceuticals/ cosmetics/ nutraceuticals/ agrochemicals/ botanicals/ biomedical devices).
• To prepare research reports/ dossiers according to the international regulatory guidelines.
• To draft environmental assessment for various chemicals with respect to persistence bioaccumulation and toxicity.

Mandatory Skill Set Required
• Thorough understanding of various toxicological studies and their principles.
• Capability of interpretation of results and analysis of key toxicity data.
• Knowledge of OECD/FDA/EPA guidelines for preclinical toxicity studies.
• Knowledge of various toxicology/ pharmacology/ clinical/ regulatory databases like TOXNET, ECOTOX, PubMed, e-Chemportal,, EFSA etc.
• Basic knowledge of clinical trials.
• Basic knowledge of eco/environmental toxicity (e.g. biodegradation, toxicity to daphnia, fish (acute and chronic), toxicity to algae).
• Knowledge of dose calculation/conversion.
• Good interpersonal skills and communication (both written and verbal) skills.
• Ability to ensure that tasks within areas of responsibility are completed accurately in a timely manner.
• Ability to practice attentive and active listening skills.
• Act as an efficient team player with good reasoning.
• Ability to identify pro-active ways to contribute to the firms’ goals & mission.
• Challenging current thinking by implementing new ways of working.

Education and Experience
• BSc/M. Pharm./M.S. (Pharm.) in Pharmacology/Toxicology/Regulatory Toxicology.
• 1-8 years research experience in pharmaceutical industry/CRO’s (preferably in pre-clinical toxicity studies/toxicology projects).

• Competitive compensation package

• Please email your cv to [email protected]

The above job description is a guide to the work you may be required to undertake but does not form part of your contract of employment and may change from time to time to reflect changing circumstances.
Evalueserve is committed to providing equal employment opportunities (EEO) globally, eliminating discrimination, and promoting good relations among employees, regardless of age, disability, ethnicity or origin, sex, gender assignment, gender identity, religion or belief, sexual orientation, and marital or civil partnership status. Evalueserve is an inclusive employer and is proud of its diverse workforce.

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