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BTS Annual Congress 2018
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President’s Message:

Many of you work with animals in your research and/or work for institutions or companies that are signatories to the Understanding Animal Research Concordat on Openness on Animal Research in the UK.   You can read here about the background to, and the development of, the Concordat (including a report on a public consultation exercise) as well as the latest report of progress with the implementation of the concordat.

BTS is a signatory to the Concordat. For an organisation that does not itself conduct animal research it is more difficult to define meaningful ways to support the Concordat.  One thing we strive to do is to support our members who are involved in animal research, for example through education.  We could also do more through public communication in this area.

I attended the UAR Openness Awards evening earlier this month to show my support for their work and to learn more about what BTS could be doing.

I invite members who would like the BTS to be more active in this area to suggest ideas.  Feel free to send your ideas directly to me at president@thebts.org .

I extend seasonal greetings to you all and wish you a very happy and fulfilling 2018.

Ernie Harpur



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