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The BTS recognises scientific excellence and contributions to the
field in a number of ways including a number of awards and prizes.

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Barnes Prize - every 2 years

This lecture was established in memory of Dr John Barnes, a pioneer in scientific toxicology. The John Barnes lecture is presented at the Annual Congress. The first award was made in 1979 to Professor W. N. Aldridge. The membership is asked to propose suitable recipients and the lecturer is selected following recommendations from the Nominations Sub-Committee to the Executive Committee.


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1979 Prof W N Aldridge

1981 Prof P N Magee

1983 Prof L Golberg

1985 Dr J Cairns

1987 Prof G Zbinden

1989 Prof B N Ames

1991 Prof S Orrenius

1993 Prof J A Swenberg, Dr F De Matteis

1995 Prof R Lawerys

1997 Dr M K Johnson

1999 Prof A Wyllie

2001 Sir Alec Jeffreys

2003 Dr J Peto

2005 Prof J Goodman

2007 Prof D S Davies

2009 Prof R Schulte-Hermann

2011 Prof R Wolf, OBE

2013 Prof A Boobis OBE

2015 Prof I Kimber OBE

2017 Prof Kevin Park

Paton Prize - every 2 years

Sir William Paton left BTS a bequest to encourage scholarships in the historical aspects of toxicology.  This donation was matched by the BTS and the Paton Prize established.


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1998 Prof R Smith

2000 Prof P N Magee

2002 Prof R Estabrook

2004 Prof I Purchase

2006 Prof J Ashby

2008 Prof G G Gibson and Prof P S Goldfarb

2010 Dr F M Sullivan

2012 Dr G Cohen

2014 Prof Sir Colin Berry

2016 Prof T Lock

2018 Prof L Smith

Early Career Investigator Prize

This award is made in recognition of leading contributions to toxicology by Early Career Investigators (within 10 years of PhD). Nominations are considered by the Scientific Sub-Committee and ratified by the Executive Committee.

Please click here to download information about nominations for the 2018 prize. The deadline for receipt of nominations is 30th November 2017.


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2001 Dr E Martin

2002 Dr C Smith Pease

2003 Dr D Naisbit

2004 Dr N Plant

2005 Dr J Moggs

2006 Dr D Williams

2008 Dr D Smart

2009 Dr J Dorne

2010 Dr M Coen

2011 Dr Karen Swales

2013 Dr Daniel Antoine

2016 Dr Toby Athersuch

2017 Dr Amy Chadwick

Student Prizes

There is a prize awarded for the best presentation of a poster or oral presentation by a student at the Annual BTS Congress.


View Previous Winners

2011 Poster Prize, Mr Jack Sharkey, University of Liverpool

2011 Oral Presentation Prize Ms Shambhavi Naik, University of Leicester

2013 Poster Prize Mr Michael Kyriakides, Imperial College, London

2013 Oral Presentation Prize, Dr Mark Hayes University of Manchester

Norman Aldridge Travel Fellowship

This Fellowship was made in memory of Dr Aldridge’s contribution to toxicology to enable a young EU based scientist to advance their research in toxicology by visiting key laboratories within or outside the UK.


View Previous Recipients

2010 Dr Daniel Antoine

Early Career and Doctoral Student Bursaries to attend the Annual BTS Congress

For the Annual Congress, the BTS is awarding bursaries for both Early Career Researchers and those currently working for their PhD or other relevant post-graduate degree.

Up to four Early Career Bursaries are available for Early Career Researchers who are within 3 years of having attained their PhD or relevant further post-graduate degree.  Full details are available in the Awards and Prizes brochure.

Up to ten student bursaries are available for those undertaking their PhD or other relevant post-graduate degree.  Full details are available in the Awards and Prizes brochure.




BTS Fellowship Scheme

The British Toxicology Society (BTS) honours eminent toxicologists with the award of Fellow of the BTS (FBTS) or Honorary Fellow of the BTS (Hon FBTS).  Nominations are made by the Fellowship Committee, which comprises the President, Immediate Past-President (Chair of the Nominations Sub Committee), Vice-President, General Secretary and Chair of the Scientific Sub Committee. The Fellowship Committee is convened every two years to review the list of fellowships. The BTS Executive Committee is responsible for approving recommendations made by the Fellowship Committee.

Fellow of the British Toxicology Society


  • Individuals nominated will be members of the BTS and will have made substantial contributions to the discipline of toxicology and will also normally have made a significant contribution to the work of the Society.
  • Nominees will usually have been members of the BTS for at least seven years.

Entitlement of Fellows

Fellows are entitled to use the term FBTS after their name.  They will pay the same rate as ordinary members (i.e. full member or retired member).

Fellows who no longer pay a BTS subscription are entitled to use the term FBTS (retired).  In this instance the term “retired” is defined as either retired from active professional life or retired from the BTS whilst possibly remaining active in another scientific discipline.

Honorary Fellow of the British Toxicology Society

The award of Honorary Fellow of the BTS is recognition of an outstanding contribution to the science and profession of Toxicology, including to the BTS. In most cases the recipient will be a member of the BTS but this is not a prerequisite.


In making recommendations for the award of Honorary Fellow, the Fellowship Committee will take into account the following aspects:

  • Outstanding scientific contributions, defined as having driven a ‘step-change’ in scientific thinking or approach;
  • Contributions to education and training, and promotion of the science of toxicology;
  • Contributions to leadership, management, science and promotion of the BTS;
  • The level of ‘prestige’ and value to the Society of making the award.

Entitlement of Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows are entitled to use the term Hon FBTS after their name.  They do not pay a subscription to the BTS and are entitled to free registration for the BTS Annual Congress.



BTS Travel Grant Scheme

The Society is keen to encourage the exchange of knowledge and networking for its members and so we have launched a new Travel Grant scheme.

Travel grants are available to all members of BTS who wish to attend a conference related to toxicology such as SOT, Eurotox, Gordon Conference etc.


The Gordon Gibson travel fellowship to attend the Gordon Conference meeting

The Gordon Gibson Travel Fellowship is awarded biennially, on a competitive basis, to support participation by a member of the Society at the Gordon Research Conference on Toxicology. The value of the Fellowship is up to £1000. Award of this Fellowship is independent of age, career status or place of employment. For full details, including how to apply, please see the new BTS brochure on Prizes, Awards, Fellowships and Bursaries.


The Gay Hawksworth travel fellowship to attend EUROTOX

The Gay Hawksworth Travel Fellowship is awarded annually, on a competitive basis, to support participation by a member of the Society at a EUROTOX conference. The value of the Fellowship is up to £1000. Award of this Fellowship is independent of age, career status or place of employment.


Summer Vacation Scholarships

These awards are designed to encourage students or new graduates to experience working in the field of toxicology.  There are two studentships on offer and each studentship will provide up to £1500.00 to support the living costs of the student for up to 6-8 weeks.  The student will gain valuable hands on research experience and the supervisor will gain an extra pair of hands in the laboratory.  Interested students or new graduates must pair up with a potential supervisor to develop a project before applying for funding.

Eligibility – The award is available to students or new graduates (no more than 3 months after completion of their degree) studying toxicology and or pharmacology, or where toxicology is a main component of their degree. The research project must have substantial toxicological content.


View Previous Winners

2016 Olivia Matthews and Nicholas Heng

2017 Will Hotham and Ida Fischer
Members can read their reports by clicking on the names above